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The services that Gr.Inox provides could not exclude training. Training in the operation of the new equipment is a necessary prerequisite for it to work smoothly and for a long time. After delivering and installing the equipment, there is a demonstration of its functioning and a trial production, so that the client understands the method of correct functioning of the equipment and gets the best possible result from it. This service is provided free of charge and is part of the equipment construction contract for complex projects.

Following request by the client, seminars can also be provided by our specialised associates (wine specialists, food technologists). Especially in beer-making, the company has a specialised brewer who undertakes three, six or nine month training seminars for the client’s staff, depending on the level of the trainees. These seminars can cover all the stages of the production process, on a theoretical and practical level, the organisation and management of the brewery and its resources, the solution of problems and the organisation of the supply plan and the maintenance of the equipment. The company can also undertake the creation of beer recipes and the required trials, via the pilot 100 lt, brewing unit that is in operation in its plant.