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The Company


GR.INOX – GREKIS BROS Ltd is a reliable, modern company,
which has participated to an important extent in the development of technologies and equipment for the food industry over the past 40 years.
The company’s main milestones in its history and development are stated below.

 1962 Aristeidis Grekis, the company founder, a plumber, moves from his home town Kalamata to Athens to work as a metal foil technician. Initially he worked at the “PARAVALOS BOILERS” in Piraeus and then at various boiler manufacturers, with the EVANGELOS XIDOPOULOS machine shop as most important, where he is trained in the manufacture of tanks and piping networks for the food industry.   1974 Aristeidis Grekis, with great experience and know-how in metal constructions, founds “SOLINOMETALLIKI”, based in Moschato of Attiki. The new company is housed in a covered rented premises of 200 sq.m., and recruits 7 technicians as permanent staff and 20 more as temporary. The company’s business objective is the manufacture of metal tanks and piping networks solely for the food industry.
1980  Always abreast of developments, “SOLINOMETALLIKI” is specialized in the processing and application of stainless steel, and becomes one of the first Greek companies to acquire the know-how in the construction of stainless tanks and piping.  

1995  “SOLINOMETALLIKI” is transferred to Aspropirgos of Attiki, to rented covered premises of 500 sq.m. and a 1500 sq.m. open-air storage area, and soon, following the introduction of Aristeidis’ sons, Ilias and Giorgos, it changes its name to “GR.INOX – GREKIS BROS Ltd”. The company objective is large metal constructions with a specialization in stainless tanks for the production of wine, the processing of olive oil and edible fats, and the construction of piping networks for the food industry. The company now employs 25 technicians permanently, while at the same time it begins its exporting activities to Cyprus and the Balkans.


2000  The company moves to new privately owned premises at Vathi of Avlida, with a covered area of 2,000 sq.m. and 8,000 sq.m. of open-air storage area, while it employs a total of 50 workers, including engineers and designers, with an independent design department for the creation and development of new products. At the same time, it renews and extends its productive equipment with new technology, so as to optimize the products and increase productivity. Its activities now extend to the milk industry and chemicals, offering reliable and innovative solutions.


2005 The company, with over 30 years of experience in the food industry, is active as a pioneer in the developing sector of microbrewery and brewery, offering comprehensive equipment solutions and taking on turn-key projects in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. Also, the production unit in Vathi of Avlida is further modernized and equipped, while the company activities extend to all sectors of the food industry, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry.



Today, with the true needs of our clients in mind, we give specialized solutions with a potential for development. Our staff know-how and specialization, our investments in high-tech production equipment, quality assurance (EN:ISO9001:2008 Standard - TUV AUSTRIA), are some of the reasons why GR.INOX is at the forefront in the field of stainless constructions and equipment. The study and design of every project, its completion and our after-sales customer support, are catalytic success factors and make the company an ideal partner for turn-key projects.

Our aim is to continue to offer the know-how we have acquired over the years in collaboration with our customers and associates, but also by participating in international exhibitions abroad.
We persist to continue designing innovative and pioneering solutions that can assure optimum choice in the demands created by the development of technology and the market demands.