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After Sales Support

yphresies aftersales1

Support of a project after the completion of the installation and start-up works is a matter of responsibility on the part of the manufacturer. New needs are created on the level of processes, tactics, support techniques of the installed equipment, but also extension to the next stage, which the manufacturer is called to cover against the client, assuring the viability of the company to a certain extent, and contributing on his part to the success of the project. Availability and a stable provision of these services through time make the manufacturer a reliable pillar of support in the development of any company, whether new or existing.

Loyal to its client-centred character, Gr.Inox supports its products after the completion of a project. Our aim is to create long-term relations with our clients, with whom we will move on and develop at the same time. To achieve this target, we are at our clients’ side to support, advise and help in any way within the sphere of our potential and our business objective. It is not by chance that we have created such two-way relations of trust with our long-term clients, that the term “client-supplier” cannot describe us. We are “Partners”.