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Beer has been a well-known beverage since antiquity. Historical sources state that it was created through a series of unfortunate events, and for a large part of its course to date, its production was based on luck to a certain extent. With the increase of population and the increasingly increased demand, beer was upgraded from a domestically produced product to a product of organised and controlled production on a smaller or larger scale.

Today, the development of technology has brought methodical and controlled beer production in brewery units, where the aim is to produce in a mass quantity and a large variety. Quality assurance, increased yield and economy of scale are critical factors for the sustainability and development of a brewery.

The creation of a brewery is a complex and dynamic project. Key factors for its success are correct dimensioning, design, reliability, scalability, functionality, energy saving. In answer to all these demands, GR.INOX is at your side with its know-how, its experience and its flexibility, to cover your productive needs.

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