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Study & Design

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Our philosophy at Gr.Inox is to face each request as a project. From a tank or a small network, to a complete production unit. The first step towards the implementation of a new project is its study and design, which is of great importance for its success.

The study is undertaken by specialised project managers of the company, who will coordinate the implementation of the project from the beginning to its delivery. During the study of the new system, all general parameters concerning dimensions, siting and functionality of the installation are taken into account, as well as the client’s particular demands.

The study of the new system is made up of the following basic steps:

  • Selection of the individual parts of the installation
  • Design of the layout
  • Adaptation of the client’s particular demands
  • Drafting of the plan to order materials and parts
  • Drafting of the works time schedule

When the installation study is complete, the design department steps in to undertake the design of the equipment. The equipment to be manufactured will be designed in detail part by part, and the construction plans will be submitted to production for implementation. The design department will also adapt the required connection networks in this particular layout, for use by the team of technicians who will perform the installation of the equipment on site.